The large-scale application of metals generates huge amounts of recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. By collecting, separating and processing this scrap metal it can be recycled: made suitable for the production of new metal.

Specialized and certified recycling in The Netherlands

Schotte arranges the sale of your old metals, for example aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel, cable, batteries and iron.

Schotte has developed an extensive network within the metal recycling industry, and keeps abreast of the latest market prices. As a client you are therefore guaranteed honest purchasing and sales prices for your metals that are in keeping with the market.

Schotte has its own trucks and containers in various sizes for the collection of scrap metal. These are used to transport the scrap to authorized metal recyclers, where the scrap is processed if necessary.

Businesses that transport, collect, sell and/or broker industrial or hazardous waste materials in The Netherlands, must be registered on the national VIHB-list. Schotte is registered on this list, guaranteeing that Schotte collects and stores waste materials in accordance with regulations.