It is quite common that industrial production facilities are renewed, modified, moved or even closed. These activities are often accompanied by the partial or complete dismantling of factories, installations, equipment and/or buildings.

Dismantling by Schotte in The Netherlands

The complexity of such objects requires a thorough knowledge of the following disciplines: demolition methods, asbestos abatement, transport and lifting, and environmental engineering. It is important that these activities can be carried out safely and without damage, damage claims or delays. Dismantling requires a very high level of professionalism from demolition and asbestos abatement companies.

Schotte in its many years of existence has proved time and again it has mastered the profession and has earned the right to call itself a leader in the field.

Schotte's experience with dismantling was gained in particular in:

  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • tank storage
  • food (processing) industry
  • offshore