Soil remediation

The demolition of structures, tanks, production facilities and installations is specialized work. The demolition industry has its own certification scheme: the Assessment Guideline on Safe and Environmentally Friendly Demolition, which Schotte complies with. This certification scheme comprises a range of requirements regarding the execution of demolition activities.

Soil remediation by a certified Dutch company

Schotte also is certified in accordance with the National Assessment Guideline SIKB 7000 (protocol 7001) to carry out soil remediation projects, which means we are able to provide turnkey solutions.

Environmental activities, such as soil remediation, storage tank decontamination, and industrial factory cleaning, are carried out under strict supervision. We monitor and check preparation and execution, from the demolition process and the sale of demolition material to the safety at the demolition location and (surrounding) environment.

Schotte is not alone in attaching importance to the environment; customers also have increasing demands with regard to the environmentally-friendly execution of demolition activities on their premises. Schotte was the first demolition company in the Netherlands to be awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental management certificate.