Over the years demolition has developed into a professional industry that is closely monitored by both clients and various government agencies.

Schotte has every required certificate and correctly trained personnel to carry out every industrial and civil demolition activity competently and in accordance with the latest requirements.

An annual internal audit and external audits by certifying organizations by means of unannounced workplace inspections (at the project location) and office audits are carried out to ensure the continuous evaluation of the standards mentioned below. Any points of attention uncovered by these audits are modified in Schotte's system. Employees and any subcontractors are informed during toolbox meetings.

ISO 14001 – Environment

ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management. Using an environmental management system in accordance with this ISO 14001 standard means...
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ISO 9001 – Quality

ISO 9001 is a standard (system certificate) that was developed to guarantee and improve the quality of the total organization.Based on this...
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SC 530 - Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is regulated by means of the SC-530 process certificate.SC-530 Asbestos removal is a guideline based on industry-specific...
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BRL SVMS 007 – Demolition

The Assessment Guideline on Safe and Environmentally-friendly Demolition (BRL SVMS-007) is the certification scheme for professional demolition...
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VCA Petro - Safety and Health

The VCA Petro certificate (EHS checklist for petrochemical contractors) demonstrates that Schotte operates in accordance with modern rules and...
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BRL SIKB 7000/1 - Soil remediation

Schotte is in compliance with the BRL SIKB 7000 guideline, which is mandatory for companies working in or with contaminated soil.BRL SIKB 7000 is...
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NIWO - Waste Transportation Trade Collection Management Registration

Companies in the Netherlands that are involved in the transportation, collection, trade and/or brokerage of industrial or hazardous waste, are...
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