Schotte is a renowned and modern demolition company that offers turnkey solutions worldwide and specialises in demolition, dismantling, disassembly, asbestos removal and environmental activities in:

  • Chemical and petrochemical installations
  • Power stations
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Airplanes
  • Food and food processing industry
  • Tank, storage and transhipment companies
  • Hospitals and care institutions
  • Residential structures

Thanks to the many years of experience Schotte is familiar with practically every known industry.

Schotte knows just about every industrial production process. Whether it concerns refineries, chemical installations, steel plants, food processing factories, power stations, airplanes, or individual tanks, boilers, columns, furnaces, turbines, reactors, structures, chimneys, buildings, foundations, etc.

The civil sector hold no secrets for Schotte either ... Over the years Schotte has executed very large and complex projects as well as smaller assignments and projects for many businesses, residential structures, hospitals and care institutions.